Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart

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Who are we?

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We are a unitary, non-denominational, faith-based community Church open to all seekers of truth, cosmic awareness and soul-realization, regardless of belief, tradition, creed, or religious affiliation that promotes the selfless worship of God through the teaching of God’s Masters, Angels, and Holy Saints.

Our motto

Angelic Reformation™ for All

Our history

Prior to its formation in 2017, for ten years, in its developmental stages, The Church of the Master Angels™, through its affiliates, inspirational founders and related organizations began its ministry in 2007.

What do we do?

The Church, outside of its frequent congregational meetings and services, offers unique tools, products, global healing workshops and seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Church of the Master Angels™

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The Blissful Empowerment Tour is here! The Golden Pass is for Elite graduates to join…

J.B. from Australia

My pain has nearly all gone and I can now move again.

"After suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis for 12 years and being told there is no cure for this disease, I was desperate for some relief to my suffering. I requested a remote healing with Master John Douglas and the Master Angels™. My pain has nearly all gone and I can now move again. My gratitude to Master John Douglas and the Master Angels™ for my healing. Forever Grateful!"